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Disclaimer. The views in this website are those of the Alden E. Park and do not necessarily reflect those of any particular religious, political, governmental, educational, or commercial organization. 20190307AEP

Energy Solutions. If we find many practical and inexpensive solutions to our energy problems, I think that such solutions would provide many opportunities to solve many other problems associated with this world. I think that this website contains numerous long-term-inexpensive solutions to our energy problems. Invoking the solutions should contribute to much prosperity. With very inexpensive energy made available, along with our caring and sharing, we should also be able to solve many of our social, economic, and environmental problems, without any need for government imposed regulations requiring us to choose such energy and environmental solutions. The deserts of this world could blossom, with purified water pumped into them from the oceans. The hungry could be fed with much food being produced at very low costs. We must cast off our medieval energy mind-sets, if we want to make progress in such areas. We must think outside the box that we have imposed upon our thinking about energy. I hope to explain, within this website, how many things work in this infinite-everywhere-expanding universe. I try to explain things from correct first principles but in ways that I hope almost everyone can understand. 20190314AEP

My Gravity-Wheel Books. I hope to put various gravity-wheel related things below, including essentially all the 1 March 2019 version of my book, Gravity-Wheel Unveiled. I will also attempt to publish elsewhere on the Internet a complete slightly newer version of my book, which everyone would be able to access for free. I will then attempt to publish elsewhere two books that I have decoded from coded little books, which coded little books were previously published in 1717 and 1936. I call my two decoded little books: Bessler’s Little Book Decoded and A Book in Every Home Decoded. 20190307,20190717AEP Now (2 Apr 2019) at my website, https://gravityunveiled.home.blog/, people can download for free the complete .pdf files for all three of my 18 March 2019 versions of my books: Gravity-Wheel Unveiled, Bessler’s Little Book Decoded, and A Book in Every Home Decoded. 20190402,20190717AEP

Smallest Building Blocks of All Matter. Imagine that there are many extremely fine opposite charges within matter that are equally massive. They would be the basis or "building blocks" of all matter. One could call these finest or most fundamental opposite-charges by the name of spirit matter to be consistent with the scriptures. A proton would have excess finest fundamental positive charges, making it net positively charged. An electron would have excess finest fundamental negative charges, making it net negatively charged. A neutron would have equal numbers of the opposite finest fundamental charges so it would be neutral with respect to charge. 20190307AEP

What Might Gravity Be? A graviton of gravity, say from down within the earth, could on rare occasion come from a pair of discrete electric fields traveling precisely together from a pair of opposite finest fundamental charges. The two fields could travel together as a special pair, until conditions are just right so that both discrete electric fields are absorbed by attractive pulls down on finest-fundamental opposite-charges. A smallest bit of gravity has two equal pull downs with the lower elevation pull down almost always being applied first. The two separate downward pulls are applied at separate times and places. Since the pulls down are on such a fine scale, the separate times and places of the downward pulls would not matter much (with respect to providing rotation to a stationary body), until we consider them pulling down on matter which initially happened to be rotating about a horizontal axis. 20190313AEP

Bessler Principle. Whenever a wheel of any size rotates about a horizontal axis, the matter within it rotates at about the same rate. The pairs of finest fundamental charges also rotate at about that same rate. Below are some images (in order of increasing time) with each image showing two separate pulls down by gravity, on two finest oppositely-charged particles rotating about their center of mass. The solid lines show where the two particles are earlier on. The dashed lines show where the two particles are later on. There would be a later pull down by gravity at a higher elevation. Many of these situations would tend to cause an increase in angular speed, though we often don't see it because of rotational friction or because of low angular speed about a horizontal axis. Could someone make a movie (in the simulated presence of very low rotational friction) showing the increase in angular speed (about the centers of the matter pairs) because of many pairs of downward pulls by gravity on pairs of oppositely-charged finest-fundamental portions of matter? Until then, you can just try to imagine that you are looking at some separate nearly-consecutive frames of a movie, with each image being two frames. I call this idea, of increase in angular speed, the Bessler principle. Extra rotational kinetic energy is produced from gravity, under these special conditions. The Bessler principle explains a vast number of things, including how Bessler's very-low-friction wheels worked, with the assistance of his special very-low-friction roller bearings, which I call Orffyrean roller bearings. 20190313AEP

Some Subjects. This website (gravity-wheel.neocities.org) addresses many subjects such as the following: gravity or the graviton having two-discrete electric-field parts, wheels rotating about horizontal axes, science, physics, Bessler (Orffyreus), sun power, Bessler principle, Orffyrean roller bearing, perpetual motion, Sweet Sixteen family of cylinders, God, symbols of God in nature, two decoded old little books (1717 and 1936), a decoded little clock puzzle, cosmology, cosmic rays, solar corona, sunspots, Papp engines, GEET reactors, car or truck miles per gallon (mpg), Bessler's wheels, Apologia, chiasmus, chiasm(s), Leedskalnin, Coral Castle, A Book in Every Home, turbulence, satellite tumbling, McKinley low-friction demonstration, cold fusion, fire, yin-yang cylinders, matter intelligence, force unification, theory of everything, baryon asymmetry, Gauss’s law failure, remediation of radioactivity, Kolob’s location, GANE, and geography of The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ. 20190314AEP

Solutions to Many Physical Puzzles. Here are some examples of physical puzzles that I try to explain. If the energy powering the sun comes from deep down within the sun by hot fusion reactions, why are the deeper sunspots (locations of strong vertical magnetic fields) always cooler and darker than the approximately 6000 degrees Kelvin photosphere? How are the relatively few yet extremely energetic photons (1,000,000 degrees Kelvin or even 10,000,000 degrees Kelvin) produced at the far edges of the solar atmosphere? How did the Papp engines actually work? How do GEET reactors actually work? How does cold fusion work? How was Coral Castle built? Why do satellites tumble out of control? What powered the well-tested wheels build by Bessler? How could CSX, in 2015 according to CSX.com, be able to move a ton of freight on the average of 471 miles using a gallon of fuel? Though air frictional forces for cars increase according to the square to the vehicle speed, why does miles per gallon (mpg) in a car not decrease according to 1/(speed squared)? Why did the initially stationary wheel in the 1968 McKinley demonstration increase in angular speed (until it reached an equilibrium angular speed) after apparently an ultra-low-friction bearing was formed? What causes the temperature differentials in Ranque-Hilsch tubes? Why does the temperature differential change in a Ranque-Hilsch tube, when its attitude (angle with respect to vertical) changes? How are snowflakes formed? Why is this earth not frozen, even though its average surrounding temperature (over all directions in space) is about 3 degrees Kelvin (or cold enough so that helium would be a liquid)? The solutions for all those physical puzzles depend upon the gravity-wheel being unveiled. 20190314AEP

Analyses Regarding Ancient Devices. I also provide questions and analyses for various ancient devices. How did Bessler's Kassel wheel of 1717 work? What is the likely meaning of the yin-yang symbol? If a two-compartment yin-yang cylinder were constructed and filled with water, would the higher temperatures regions on the ends explain the spots on the yin-yang symbol? Was a Sweet Eight family-of-cylinders likely used in ancient stone masonry? Is it possible to construct transparent stones that shine forth in darkness, as suggested by ancient references? The likely answers regarding all those ancient devices depend upon the gravity-wheel being unveiled. 20190314AEP

Attempts to Answer Other Questions. What is the energy source for the most energetic cosmic rays? Is the universe infinite in size? Can "new" matter be produced? What is the origin of dark matter due to? What is the explanation for so-called "dark energy"? Why is there apparently more matter than antimatter in this universe, if not due to CP symmetry violations? Are gravity-powered perpetual-motion-devices possible? Are there partial solutions to global warming that can be invoked, without imposing extra regulations? Are there gravity-related symbols of God that may be found in nature? The likely answers regarding almost all those questions depend upon gravity being unveiled. 20190314AEP

Let's touch upon one of the above questions (How did Bessler's Kassel wheel of 1717 work?). Likely answers to the other questions may be found in my book, Gravity-Wheel Unveiled. Given the Bessler principle, all of Bessler's wheels could have obtained power from gravity, if he developed a very special type of mechanical roller bearing, with such low friction that more power could be acquired in his wheel from the Bessler principle, than lost to rotational friction, especially in his bearings. He needed pure rolling without slipping of stainless steel lobes rolling upon stainless steel lobe-holes. That would simultaneously provide much support, with very little friction. Within the interior of Bessler's Kassel wheel, he had eight distracting weights sliding along wires. His real invention was his very-low-friction Orffyrean-roller-bearings. That is why he wanted a one time sale of one of his wheels. Once someone discovered the secret of his bearings, he figured that with effort people could build his bearings and thus have his wheels. 20190314AEP

Geometry in Orffyrean Roller Bearings. One can calculate that nine intermediate rolling cylinders (with half the radius of the central rolling cylinder) would just fit about the central axle rolling cylinder, with slightly more than a degree to spare (separation of neighboring intermediate rolling cylinders relative to the center of the bearing). The calculations can be done by imagining (don't actually do it in practice, as it would cause great friction) that two of the intermediate rolling cylinders are placed next to each other so that they touch. Bessler (aka Orffyreus) grew lobes and lobe holes on the touching surfaces of his rolling cylinders so without any lubrication there would be pure rolling without slipping so that the intermediate cylinders never touch each other while operating. See my book, Gravity-Wheel Unveiled, for details about producing Orffyrean roller bearings. 20190307-20190322AEP

HTM Version of My Book. Here is a 1 March 2019 .htm version (5 MB) of my over-arching book, Gravity-Wheel Unveiled. Click to see Gravity-Wheel Unveiled by Alden Park without images. Below (after the front book cover) I allow the display of groups of approximately 10 figures at a time along with other .png images and provide some instructions about where the images are located in the book. You can bring up a duplicate browser tab to see a group of 10 figures in one tab and to see the .htm version of the book in the other. That way you can read/study the book, without losing your place when you go to look at figures. There were many symbols (such as arrows) that were not translated very well. To be more clear, I put a better-translated slightly-newer version of my book at Click to go to website for getting an 18 March 2019 .pdf version of Gravity-Wheel Unveiled by Alden Park (or .pdf versions of my two decoded little books). This gravity-wheel.neocities.org site provides subject motivation-background-explanation overviews, active links to various URLs, displays of the book covers, suggestions about helping to make this world a better place, and presentations of groups of 10 figures from the book (at a time). Even more figures can be seen concurrently by using extra tabs. Note that .pdf copies of my book, Gravity-Wheel Unveiled, are currently neither available on this new site of gravity-wheel.neocities.org nor on my old site of www1.iwvisp.com/LA4Park/ which old site may not be available after December 2019. 20190319,20190620AEP

front book cover

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Below are some partially ordered things that might be done to move along the rotational energy revolution. 20190314AEP

  1. Demo - Reduce radioactivity by rapid rotations about preferably horizontal axes
  2. Device - Build Sweet Sixteen family of massive cylinders
  3. Device - Build a working Papp engine
  4. Device - Build Orffyrean roller bearing
  5. Double number of miles/gallon for moving a ton of freight
  6. Increase number of miles/gallon for cars or trucks
  7. x Demo - Rotate a cylinder in space to observe its angular speed increase
  8. x Demo - Replicate small version of 1968 McKinley low friction demonstration

I am thinking that because of the magnetic motor by Muammer Yildiz (see pp. 429-430 of Gravity-Wheel Unveiled) it is less important to replicate a small version of the 1968 McKinley low friction demonstration. I think that it is also less important to rotate a cylinder in space to observe its angular speed increase. I reduced their priorities and put an "x" out in front of each item to show that the item may not need to be done right now to prove the point. For sake of completeness and for further proof, it would be valuable to do these extra things anyway. I think that the so-called magnetic motor built by Muammer Yildiz is effectively a very low-friction digital magnetic bearing that allows its rotor to rotate, with very low friction, about a horizontal axis. When its angular speed is sufficiently large, the rotor acquires extra rotational kinetic energy from the Bessler principle. I think that it is a perpetual motion device powered by two-part gravitons. For example, it can perpetually blow air by turning a fan. It provides further evidence of the Bessler principle. The angular speeds must not be too large so as not to lose "sweetness" or good rotational transfer connections between the rotating nuclear-ground-states and their surrounding lattice. 20190417AEP, 20191030AEP

Building the very-low-friction Orffyrean-roller-bearing may have the most important energy consequences, but it is the most difficult and potentially the most dangerous because of the need to remove human-and-environmental exposure to vapor/material containing mercury, during the formation of the roller bearings. During the growth of the Orffyrean roller bearings, robots and mercury-collection-equipment will surely be needed for purposes of safety. Study my over-arching book, Gravity-Wheel Unveiled, for more details. 20190313-20190322AEP

There are a variety of routes that may be taken to more than double the number of miles/gallon-of-fuel for moving a ton of freight. People could use one or more of the following: double the number of wheels on railroad cars, double the mass of each wheel (preferably using stainless steel for wheels, which include their axles) of the railroad cars, make use of the Sweet Sixteen family of cylinders (using ordinary truck roller bearings, if Orffyrean roller bearings are not yet reinvented), make use of the GEET reactors (supplementing the fuel with cool water), make use of the gas-fuel-reusing Papp engines, and replace existing wheel bearings with Orffyrean roller bearings. Study my over-arching book, Gravity-Wheel Unveiled, for more details. Since trains do not turn their heading direction very rapidly, the Sweet Sixteen family of massive rotating cylinders could be used to power them. Exclusive use of the Sweet Sixteen family of cylinders would give infinite mpg for moving a ton of freight. In that case, no fuel would need to be used to move freight. 20190314-20190322AEP

There are various routes that may be taken to increase the number of miles/gallon-of-fuel for particular cars or trucks. People could use one or more of the following: double the mass of all axles (preferably using stainless steel) rotating about a horizontal axis, make use of the GEET reactors (supplementing the fuel with cool water), make use of the fuel-gas-reusing Papp engines, and replace existing wheel bearings with Orffyrean roller bearings. Study my over-arching book, Gravity-Wheel Unveiled, for more details. If cars or trucks do not rapidly turn their heading direction, then the Sweet Sixteen family of massive rotating cylinders could give them infinite mpg. In that case, they wouldn't need to use any fuel for them to run. For example, they could run on nearly circular paths or they could run on straight forward and backwards paths or they could just take sharp turns very slowly. 20190314-20190322AEP

My over-arching book, Gravity-Wheel Unveiled, discusses many other subjects related to gravity or the wheel or energy. My book proposes a large number of experiments, which if carried out should verify the things that I discuss. My book contains four appendices and refers to many websites. A number of the websites "died" while I was writing my book but I just left them in to show that they were there. None of the links in my book should be active. They are for reference purposes only. If you want to try to go to any of the websites shown in my book, you would need to copy and paste the URLs into a browser. Two of the appendices (B and D) each decode a particular old little coded book (of 1717 and of 1936). You don't need to take my word alone or the decoded words of others, Johann Ernst Elias Orffyreus (meaning Johann Ernst Elias Bessler) and Edward Leedskalnin. My book refers to words of Newton and Einstein, which support what I say. Many people have also done experiments and/or made observations that I think support what I say. Ignoring those things, you can follow up with a variety of experiments, thought-experiments, and observations, so that you can learn for yourself, if what I am talking about is correct. If you find that any of my comments or things that I discuss are incorrect, then you can contact me at AldenEugenePark at gmail dot C O M, so that I can try to correct the situation externally. I would rather not publish a new edition of my book, if I can avoid it. For some active external links, see the following. 20190315AEP

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If I learn of any errors in my book, I could try to correct the situation here, with a link to something. I am not currently aware of an error that needs to be corrected. 20190315AEP

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